About Querída


Hi beautiful people!!! I am Tanaesha, an Afro-Latina woman based out of Rhode Island. I am the creator and owner of Querída. I am so grateful and excited to finally make this company a reality.

Querída is not only a representation of myself, as it is my middle name, but it is also birthed out of my own personal self-care and self-love journey. Throughout my life, as I am sure with many of us, taking care of myself was not a priority. I was always on the go, not taking care of my basic needs, but rather just surviving hoping that the more I work, the closer I could get to my dreams. It got to a point in my life where I did not even know who I was, what I was capable of, and how to love myself. I asked myself “how could I be the best version of myself and achieve my goals without first understanding how to take care and love myself?”

The answer is I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I made myself my top priority and started taking care of myself the right way that my transformation started to unfold. One of the biggest takeaways from this process was noticing that I was blind to my true self-worth and my full potential in various aspects of my life. I am learning how to love myself more and more everyday.

“Take care of yourself first, heal second, and properly love yourself third”

Each of my products were made with the intention to tell a little story about who I am and my own process. I hope Querída can help guide the same transformation on your journey of where your self and care meets.