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Querída Shades

The hottest drop of 2022. 

Sunflower Rose Collection

The Anniversary Collection - launched Nov 21, 2021 -  This is not... 

  • Self-Care Bundle Review

    "Everything was amazing. And came on time" - Lubenji L 8/23/22


  • Candle Review

    "The best smelling candle ever! I love it and I love the message behind it. When I need to prioritize myself, I light up this candle to get into that space. 10/10 would recommend!! Put yourself first 👏🏾"

    - Kerlie M, 6/6/22


  • Shades Review

    "I feel real puerto reecan in this! Querída makes me feel like the king I am." - G @haitianking 24/7/365